Established at the beginning of 2014 in Istanbul under the name A&J Investment Services, and specialized in real estate development and marketing.

A&J has been able to build strong partnerships since its inception with real estate consultancy and construction companies, which include a selection of experts in real estate appraisal, valuation, feasibility studies, and market needs identification.

Through our strategic partners, the general direction of expansion in main cities in Turkey is determined and the major projects that the government will establish in that region.

A&J has achieved great successes in the Turkish market and has been able to impose its strength through the big projects that it has completed over the long years, as it has won the confidence of investors and expanded its activities in many sectors, including education, tourism, car rental, fuel sector, and international trade.

Let’s Work Together

Belykduzu, İstanbul, Turkey

Tel: +90-212-603-31-22

Tel: +90-212-603-3122

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